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December 14, 2019
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June 11, 2020
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Garden Waste Removals

Garden waste clearance & disposal is turning out to be a growing concern for both residential and commercial garden owners. It’s projected that green junk constitutes 30 percent of the household waste. A large volume of biodegradable junk is being trashed into landfills in plastic bags & other non-degradable materials posing a serious risk to the environment.

Why garden rubbish clearance & disposal?
People wish to remove & recycle their organic junk for several reasons. The foremost reason that drives greater attention to the concerns of garden waste removal in South London is the threat the otherwise trashed green rubbish poses to the environment. Although organic, most of the junks doesn’t compost naturally in landfill sites. Since the majority of the garbage dumped in the landfills is often trapped in plastic bags, it’s forced to rots down within the bag without air. And this leads to a discharge of methane & other injurious gases which can have an unconstructive impact on the environment. As organic rubbish in landfills is making huge issue, governments & other environmental institutions across the globe are enforcing more eco-friendly laws to make sure competent waste clearance.

Garden Waste Removal

Can composing green rubbish work?
Although composting green rubbish is an excellent way to recycle them, but composting all green waste at home can create several practice issues. It’s truly tough to keep up with the composting garden waste at home in urban areas like London as plants grows 365 days a year and the garden rubbish might encroach the handy space on your property.

Why should I hire a professional garden waste removal service?
Removing & recycling your garden waste has several benefits. If recycled appropriately any stuff of green waste – be it flowers, leaves, bushes and trees can all be reused in many different ways. To assist you with your green rubbish removal near me in South London many firms now collect garden junk as well as regular household waste.

If you’ve a surplus of garden rubbish that you can’t dispose by yourself, you better hire a local company that offer professional and affordable garden waste removal in South London. They’ll come & collect your green waste and will dispose them in the appropriate way. A professional can perform clearance of garden soil & clearing junk from the sheds freeing you from the burden of organic waste. After the junk has been collected by the removal crew, it’s taken to a location where they’ll turn it into compost.

To make sure adequate recycling of your organic junk, you can rely on South London Rubbish Removal. Contact us now for an obligation free quote!